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Thursday, April 4th 2013

12:20 PM

hendy parks committee


There's a meeting tonight in the Rugby Club to discuss progress on the Hendy Mugga


The lease of the area has now been agreed and the full funding of the project has been secured



Park set for revamp after deal

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Profile image for Llanelli Star

WORK to regenerate a Llanelli park can now move forward, after a lease was agreed between two councils.

Carmarthenshire Council's executive board has approved proposals to lease part of Hendy Park to Llanedi Community Council.

The 25-year contract will see Llanedi pay a peppercorn rent, so plans to create a multi-use games area (muga) can move forward.

As part of a bid to regenerate the park, the community council has worked with local authority grants officers to apply for around £150,000 to fund the new facility.


Extensive consultation has been carried out in the community, and residents answered calls to set up a voluntary committee which will manage the muga day-to-day.

The community council has taken on full responsibility for all maintenance, utilities and insurance at the site.

Llanedi clerk Owen Jones said final details were still being discussed.

"We hope at the moment that work will begin on the muga in April," he said.

"It should be complete by the end of May.

"There will be a soft surface, suitable for use for different sports.

"Teams will be able to hire out the muga for different sessions.

"But the aim is for it to be open for the children of the area to play on."

He said grants had come from a variety of sources, including WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited), Veolia, Cwm Environmental, Carmarthenshire Council and CAVS (Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services).

Read more: http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Park-set-revamp-deal/story-18595705-detail/story.html#ixzz2PUaEtpXQ



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Friday, February 15th 2013

10:46 AM

positive news for hendy park

Last Week Owen Jones the clerk of the community council and Darren Rees Regeneration Officer for Carmarthen County Council met me in the Hendy Park following the news that our final grant fund manager has accepted our grant application,

the whole cost has now been realised which means that work can now progress towards setting a start date




This good news has now been featured in the local Llanelli Star







Funding boost brings leisure plan step closer

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Llanelli Star

WORK to bring a new leisure facility to Hendy is set to begin next month.

Llanedi Community Council and the Hendy Parks Committee have secured the last bit of funding needed to begin work on a brand new multi-use games arena (Muga) for the village park.

Their dream looks set to come true after the Veolia Environmental Trust handed the council £40,000 — helping them hit their £149,000 target.

Plans to build the Muga came about in 2011 following the demise of the village's historic lido — despite a 10-year battle to save it.

Parks committee member and community councillor Steve Lloyd-Janes welcomed the news

He said: "After almost 12 months we have finally secured enough funding from several grant funding sources.

"Once the project is constructed I am sure it will be an asset for all of the village and surrounding community."

And community council clerk Owen Jones said: "The Muga has been identified as a desired amenity, particularly since the outdoor swimming pool was demolished in 2008, and we look forward to working with the trust to develop and undertake a scheme that will result in the best for the Hendy community."

Campaigners fighting to re-open the lido threw in the towel after Carmarthenshire Council gave them an ultimatum — take it over or it would be filled in.

But it's hoped the new facility will more than make up for the loss of the pool.

Oliver Blackburn, of the Veolia Trust, said: "The Muga will provide a safe play and games area for the youth of Hendy as well as an all-weather floodlit outdoor training area for schools and sports teams.

"Its installation is part of the council's plans to make the park a vibrant place that the people of Hendy can enjoy and be proud of."

He said the trust and the council would now develop the final plans and set a start date for work to get under way.

Carmarthenshire Council officers have also been involved in the project by assisting the community council in securing funding.

County head of leisure services Ian Jones said: "It is nice to see improved facilities coming to the park.

"The voluntary parks association in Hendy and the community council have worked hard to deliver the project in partnership with the authority for the benefit of formal and non-formal sports activity.

"It is important that local people use and look after the facility for the benefit of future generations there."



This is the second round of funding that we have secured for the park, the first round saw investment in new footpaths and gates and access points, the bottom gates were renewed and a new access was added at the top end of the park near the top speed bump

below is a photo of myself with Kevin Madge the leader of the county council after the new wrought iron gates were installed in 2011





kevin and steve


News about the top gates also appeared in the Local Llanelli Star



Park's £35k restoration

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HENDY Park has undergone a £35,000 renovation over the last year — with much more to come.

The first stage of the park's refurbishment is complete, with the community benefiting from new benches, tables, planting and paths linking to walking routes in the area.

County regeneration executive board member Clive Scourfield, said: "The community has responded magnificently to the challenge of making something of their park after the disappointment of losing their lido."

Hendy councillor Steve Lloyd-Janes stressed that this was just the beginning of the project, and that the ultimate aim was to provide a splash pool over the former pool.

The project was funded by £25,000 from the council and £10,000 from Tidy Towns Grantl


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Sunday, February 10th 2013

8:36 AM

good news for the park




Hendy News



The 2014 Eisteddford



The National Eisteddfod of Wales will be held in Llanelli in 2014. The Eisteddfod will be known as Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Sir Gâr 2014 and will be located on the same site as the Llanelli National Eisteddfod held in the year 2000. There are huge costs in staging any National event of this magnitude and the local target set for the Carmarthenshire Eisteddfod has been set at £320,000. Currently local appeal committee’s are being established across the whole of Carmarthenshire. One of these local committees will be set up in the Hendy area and a public meeting to establish an appeal and fund raising committee from this area and will be held at Neuadd Aelwyd Yr Urdd, at Hendy on Wednesday 20th February 2013 a 7pm



Hendy Park to get a new Multi Use Games Area



The project to install a new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in the popular Hendy Park, Hendy, has received a funding boost from The Veolia Environmental Trust which has taken it one step closer to reality. The Trust has awarded a grant of £40,000 to Llanedi Community Council to use towards the project to install the MUGA. Its installation is part of a local community plan to make the park a vibrant place that the people of Hendy can enjoy and be proud of.


The versatile MUGA will provide a safe play and games area for the youth of Hendy as well as an all-weather floodlit outdoor training area for schools and local sports teams. The grant is one of 35 awarded by The Veolia Environmental Trust’s Board on the 22 January 2013.


The grant awarded to the community council means that the total amount secured from several grant sources means the total cost for installing the whole project has been realised. The first grant for the project was secured more than twelve months ago from WREN a similar grant fund source, planning applications for the project were then secured from the County Council Planning Department and since then other grant sources including CWM Enviromental Trust, Carmarthenshire Assocation of Voluteers and the Carmarthen County Council Collaboration Fund.


Fund managers will now start the process of working with the County Council Officers who have been writing the grant applications in partnership with the Llanedi Community Council and The Hendy Parks Committe to develop their plans, including setting a start date, register the project with the regulator Entrust who manage all of the Grant Fund Schemes , and draft the agreements that will enable work to get under way. Once details of the process has been completed the Hendy Parks Committee will meet to discuss the progress that has been made with the grant application process



Llanedi Community Council



Following a public meeting in Tycroes about a proposed Solar Panel Farm, conducted by the Company that are hoping to install the scheme, a presentation was given to the Community Council to discuss their potential application to the County Council, the Community Council following this presentation in its January meeting decided to hold a site meeting to look at the site before making and decision about the consultation,


The Community Council were also advised by another energy company that they were at the early stage of designing an application for the construction of two wind turbine masts in their community council catchment area, the members of Llanedi Council have also visited this second location and have now invited the company to come and give them a presentation about their plans and proposed scheme


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Monday, January 21st 2013

10:09 AM

update on yellow boxes



Following the site meeting in March 2012 where Nia Griffith MP added a press release story to her web site http://niagriffith.org.uk/2012/03/tackling-talycoed-junction-hendy/


quote off site


Cllr Steve Lloyd-Janes, Keith Davies AM and Nia are trying to find a solution to the problems encountered by the residents of Talycoed, just opposite the motorway junction in Hendy.

In spite of lobbying, County Council officers have been reluctant in the past to consider the painting of a yellow keep clear box at the junction, because the Welsh Assembly’s Trunk Road Agency had judged the proposal as not ideal.

“We highlighted this problem to the agencies concerned some time ago and it is disappointing that the problem has still not been resolved. In my opinion, doing nothing is not an option as drivers coming out of Talycoed have to dart between traffic as it is drawing up to the traffic lights and filter into the motorway slip road. That’s why we have held another site meeting with the County Council, and have now asked for representatives of the Trunk Road Agency to meet us on site as soon as possible.“


end quote




Following that first meeting a petition was collected by residents and Cllr Steve Lloyd-Janes presented this to the County Council Exec Board Member for highways



Cllr_Colin_Evans_with_Petition. (2)


Following this presentation of the petition, as part of the agreed action plan in March Keith Davies AM met with the Assembly Highway members and several residents and at that meeting the Assembly officers told the residents and the County Highway Officers that the Assembly would have no objection to the County delivering a scheme to address safety concerns for the residents of Bryngwilli and Talycoed.


Photo taken during the second with the assembly and county highway officers


hendy site meeting



Eventually a scheme was delivered in November 2012


Your labour team has since held further site meetings with residents Nia Griffith MP came to Hendy and met with eight residents to witness the peak traffic and conditions that residents have to battle with after the yellow box scheme had been painted.


Nia Griffith Mp and residents were alarmed and shocked to find the yellow boxes were painted in the wrong location and that the Assembly Officers had suggested painting double white lines on the south bound carriageway of the A 4138 between Junction 48 and Talyclun.in the interests of channelling traffic coming off the M4 west bound slip lane onto the south bound A 4138. The intended propose of the Assembly Officers Idea to try and control traffic in this way was to maximise the holding capacity of the dual south bound lanes at peak PM traffic periods and minimise queuing on the west bound hard shoulder of the M4 approach to J48.


Nia Griffith MP when she met residents along with local councillors, Steve Lloyd-janes and Alan Blackley, she was told  residents felt these new double white lines have caused a bigger safety issue than what they were trying to resolve, because there is a slight curve in the road and when traffic coming from Llanelli try to overtake, there were concerns that Traffic from Hendy would be stuck in the middle lane as a result it has become clear that drivers are ignoring the white lines in the interest of safety and  there have been a number of near misses on this stretch of road.  



Nia took up the complaints from residents that the yellow boxes were located in the wrong locations and that the new double white lines were dangerous, up with the Highways and she is pleased to report that the county and assembly officers have now agreed to re look at the safety concerns raised


Below Nia Griffith MP at the Busy Hendy Motorway junction with local residents


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Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

11:15 AM

white springs fishery re-enters the carp masters


During the Christmas Holiday period the weekly angling press ie Carp Talk, Angling Times and Anglers Mail produced a bumper two week edition


Browsing through these editions I spotted White Springs Fishery on four occassions in articles

The Wales and West section of Carp Talk which came out on 19th December advertised our Christmas Competition which was to take place on December 23rd






The Anglers Mail talked about an amazing week just before the cold snap came in December



and in the Angling Times we had a photo of a 22lb new personal best for Cardiff Angler Paul Austin





The Angling Times also covered the Welsh Carp Masters which will be held in the Summer of 2013



This event has proved very popular and all the fisheries involved were sold out in just under a fourtnight


details of the whole event can be found in cymfishing a welsh fishing forum for anglers details about prizes rules and the ten pairs who have entered in each venue in the link below





Over the Christmas Holiday I made changes to the text of this blog and also made a new year resulation to repost some old photos and internet stories about the fishery, so I will end the todays blog entery with some archived info


The Carp Masters first started in 2007 with five venues getting involved and the very first winners in 2007 were Mark Adams and Dean Amesbury from Tredegar who actually fished the qualifiers at White Springs


Sky sports were actually filming at each of the qualifing venues and preported on the final event


below are photos from the presentation of the very first welsh carp masters held in 2007


I'm sure this year the whole event will awsome and enjoyed by everyone who enters and will be an amazing event and I wish all the competitors on all of the qualifying venues the best of luck and tight lines during 2013

The 2007 Welsh Carp Masters Final which was held at Celtic Lakes, this year the final will be on the Birch Syndicate in Newport


Photobucket Photobucket



Details about this years event can also be found on face book, there is a group dedicated to the event and the group organiser have thanked White Springs for donating a prize for the event



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Tuesday, January 1st 2013

1:05 PM

Happy new Year



During 2012 my circumstances changed and I now have more time on my hands, and I have been spending more time in White Springs Fishery in Pontarddulais Swansea


this fishery was started by my father E.V.LLOYD who has a catch phrase when he leaves answer messages on peoples phones Lloyd's the name fishings the game give us a ring


There's absolutely loads of info on the Web about White Springs as it was created in 1983 and officially opened in 1987 and 26 years later there's loads and loads of reviews and news articles on the fishery


Over the coming weeks I will be posting the old photo's from the first web site created for White Springs in 2005 which was update until 2009 and eventually deleted in 2012 but I kept the info and the old photos


but here area just two of some info posted about the fishery, by external sources




White Springs Fishery

Garnswllt Rd, Pontarddulais, Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK, SA4 8QG

Tel 01792) 885699

Web: www.whitespringsfish...

About White Springs Fishery


The fishery was established back in 1987 by owner Vince Lloyd and his lovely wife and has grown from strength to strength from one lake to the present six coarse fishing lakes which comprise of a Specimen Lake, Pit lake, Match lake, The Pleasure Lake, and Two Canals. These fantastic lakes are all set in 37 acres of stunning Welsh countryside in Pontarddulais, Wales. What more could you ask for?

The coarse fishing here is second to none, with specimen carp to and slightly over 44lb and 16 other species present within the well stocked waters not to mention 5lb+ Perch which inhabit the venue too.

It’s not difficult to understand why Anglers Mail magazine voted us ‘Britain’s No1 Fishery’.

We’re also confident that you’ll see why we have so many regular visitors returning again and again from all over Great Britain.

We have constructed the venues and swims with the intention of making it accessible to everybody and swims are purpose built with easy access for disabled anglers and ample parking is provided next to the lakeside. We can also offer lakeside cabin fishing shelter (with light, electric and fridge only)


We can offer you accommodation in one of our, attractively laid out self catering apartments or our Scandinavia log cabins; which will supply superb luxury self catering accommodation for the whole family. Apartments are available for sleeping 1 to 7 people with one disabled apartment available, log cabins are available to sleep 1 to 6 people.

Each apartment over looks the ornamental lake with the log cabins overlooking the match lake and the main fishing lakes which boast carp to 44lb and perch to 5lb+ each lake is a few minutes easy walking distance from the apartments and log cabins. Views from all accommodation are simply breath taking looking out across a sweeping valley setting.

Caravan Site

We also have twelve electric hook-up points for touring caravans or mobile home. Coming available in 2012 will be six seasonal caravan-pitches all overlooking the lakes.

Tackle Shop

We have a fully equipped tackle shop

Shops are with in easy driving distance of the complex and the M4 motor way is only 2.5 miles away making it an excellent venue from which to base your outings to some of the most beautiful coastlines and fantastic tourist attractions of South and West Wales.

White Springs being right in the heart of the country side; it makes White Springs a beautiful secluded and quiet place to spend a fantastic holiday with all the luxuries of home and some of the best fishing in Wales. So why not ring us and book your dream holiday today!


The fishery was also used for a case study by Swansea University for a business model

The info is interesting as it gives a little history about the creation of the fishery by my father after he purchased the land off the old steel works in 1983








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Sunday, December 30th 2012

7:42 AM

wet weather hasn't stop the fish from being caught at white springs

Yet another wet week but the fish are on the move with the weather keeping mild, feeding a little brings results the baits to use is maggots over micro pellets. Our Christmas open match last Sunday went well fishing in wet conditions after heavy rain.  Results were

1st Nigel Morris on the match lake with 64lb 12oz .

2nd came off the old canal with James Thomas for Browning w.w team with 43lb 1oz.

3rd again old canal by Steve Ayres 40lb 4th mikey Williams for browning w.w team with 39lb 7oz with a total payout of £251.

after the match John Bell who was fishing two pegs down decided that the next time he was fishing he would try Nigels winning peg and later that week on the 28th December John Bell landed a 60lb plus bag on the same peg and he posted about his success on face book

in the group fish you caught at white springs www.facebook.com/groups/4227310838/?ref=ts&fref=ts



Graeme Andrews who had  been fishing megs corner got a nice 24lb 8oz common in really wet conditions off megs corner

and on Boxing Day in similar conditions Morgan Burrows landed a 18lb 8oz carp off peg two




Don’t forget all new members will get free fishing for the month of Feb along with discounted fishing for the rest of the year membership renewals are now available.

Also there is still two places available for are winter league matches.


further details about White Springs Fishery can be found on our web site www.whitespringsfishery.co.uk


if you fish at white springs join us on face book and share your pictures from your fishing trips with us by posting to the facebook group


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Monday, December 24th 2012

10:33 PM

weekly report to christmas eve


Well after ten days of ice freezing the lakes over the weather changed and the fishing has been patchy up and down, probably because no two days had been the same until this week when the rain arrived and its rained almost every day

as a result the fishing has become more settled and the fish have started coming out on a regular basis


here's a weekly summary of the fishing for the match and pleasure lakes as well as the specimen carp lakes, that was sent to the various angling press reporters




our weekly report which includes our xmas match results



Yet another wet week but the fish are on the move with the weather keeping mild, feeding a little brings results the baits to use is maggots over micro pellets.
The White Springs Fishery Christmas open match last Sunday went well fishing in wet conditions after heavy rain.

Results were 1st Nigel Morris on the match lake with 64lb 12oz
2nd came off the old canal with James Thomas for Browning West Wales team with 43lb 1oz
3rd again old canal by Steve Ayres 40lb
4th Mike Williams for Browning West Wales team with 39lb 7oz
White Springs donated extra money into the prize pool which gave a total payout of £251.

On the specimen Lake Paul Austin fishing peg 6 and found the fish and landed 3 in a days fishing to 21lb, all three were caught in the space of an hour and half around about 2pm

while Graeme Andrews from Carmarthen fishing megs corner got a nice 24lb 8oz common. Graeme set up in dark arriving late in the afternoon he caught a small double in the early evening and his 24lb fish came at approx 6.30am

Don’t forget all new members will get free fishing for the month of Feb along with discounted fishing for the rest of the year membership renewals are now available.
Also there is still two places available for are winter league matches.
Full details and more reports and photos can be found on face book and on our white springs fishery web page
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Wednesday, December 5th 2012

7:28 AM



Last Wednesday White Springs appeared in Carp Talk a weekly magazine about Carp Fish and featuring tips and news from the country and carp fisheries


we had a photo of one of our fourty pound fish called Hand Job many anglers have asked why give the fish the name "Hand Job" so here's the story around how she got her name


a few years ago one of our regulars was fishing and he had a fish on which put up a good fight during the attempt to land it it made a run and as the reel left out line he was adjusting the drag and his line got tangled and all knotted up.

So he ended up throwing his rod behind him having managed to grab hold of the line above the top eye and eventually hand pulled the fish in, with two or three regulars at hand to to help net the fish, and seeing a beautifull marked fish that would be easily recognisable she was christened "Hand Job" a name that stuck


any way since then the fish has continued to grow and has since become a fourty pound plus fish and she came out about last week at 42lb 10oz,



002 scott hand job


The fishery also appeared in the Wales and West section with a written report all anglers mentioned have caught new Personal Bests at the White Springs during the last three or four weeks at the fishery,


Hand Job came out on Tuesday, the previous Thursday Paul Austin from Cardiff caught a new PB common at 22lb off the Island Peg, below is Pauls common  

paul austin ne pb common 22lb



Paul then moved off this peg on the Friday evening to allow 14 year old angler Tom Samuel from Kidwelly to fish the same peg and Tom went and landed a fish known as "Colin The Carp" now known as CTC,

This was the second time Tom has caught CTC this year and Tom's photo also appeared in Carp Talk


both photos of CTC caught during 2012 by Tom can be found in the White Springs photo album http://www.whitespringsfishery.co.uk/apps/photos/album?albumid=14219196 


below is the recent photo of Tom with CTC that appeared in Carp Talk




003 carp talk nov 2012


Three hours later Marcus Jones from Neath landed "Head Work" a 32lb mirror which gave Marcus a new PB, marcus and his mate Daniel had only just joined the 20lb club less than a month ago when they both caught a 26lb and a 25lb fish on the same day



PB180043 marcus jones ctc new pb



The article in the magazine mentioned all four anglers names well done lads



004 carp talk nov 2012



The fishery had fished really well last week because after CTC and Head Work came out on Saturday Scott landed Hand Job on Tuesday, then on Thursday a cracking 24lb 8oz common came out for Dean Jenkins on the old cabin also on the Wednesday Daniel Jones managed a fish at 19lb 10oz out of the same peg that Scott had been on and on Saturday Marcus landed another cracking double at 24lb 4oz



handjob42lb10ozoffmegscornernov2012NOV 2012  24LB 4oz24th nov marcus 24lb 4oz


If you wanted to know more about how White Springs Fishery as it happens as the fishery is now on Face Book with several anglers adding photos themselves as they catch the fish via their mobile phones off the bank and we update face book on a regular basis





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Thursday, November 29th 2012

10:36 PM

Hendy News



hendy youth christmas disco
A disco for children 11 years old and under will be held on Friday December 7th following the switch on of the christmas lights on Hendy square at 6.00 pm
Children 7years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Admission £2 (including a present from Santa). Hot dogs pop and crisps will be on sale.
christmas parade
The Pontarddulais Carnival Committee are organising the annual Christmas light parade Santa will arrive at Hendy Square at 6pm to help switch the lights on with the chairman of the Llanedi Community Council switching the lights on, after Hendy Square the carnival committee progress into Pontardddulais to the Dulais Glen Square and then Dantwyn whilst the Llanedi Chairman and Councillors will switch on the lights at the Christmas tree on the Fforest.
hendy park
with grants being accepted and a fourth grant decision being expected this week the Llanedi Community Council held a special meeting of the Hendy ward of councillors to recieve feedback from the county council grant officer and the clerk of the council, who have been busy working on grant applications on behalf of the community council and the parks committee, to regenerate the park with a multi use games area, there were eight councillors present, they were advised that three grant fund organisations have already been secured and that there were two grants of £40,000k value maximum were pending, with one board of the fund managers scheduled to advice any applicants of their success or not, on the 1st of December 2012, and the second fund managers were meeting during early January, if both of these applications were successfull the funding for the project would be complete, and work would be able to commence with a completion date of installation of the project possibly early May 2013, there was a third grant organisation that officers have approached with enquiries, should one of these two remaining fund managers decline to accept the funding application bid, but if this happened it would delay the starting bid, it was agreed that the previous quotations from the contractors and suppliers of the euipment be revisited, as the quotes were more than six months old, and they had stated there might be an increase in costs of approx 2% maximum, after the initial expiry date of the original quotes, this was estimated at approx £3000 maximum, but it was decided to get fresh quotes because one of the fund managers meeting in January had asked for four quotations, where as the previous fund managers had only asked for three, so it was felt that if a fourth quotation was required it would be wise to get fresh uptodate fixed quotations from the previous three tenders

ONLY boys ALOUD -The debut Album

Hefin Murphy of Bronallt Road Yr Hendy is a member of the only boys aloud choir. Llongyfarchiadau ar dy lwyddiant a phob dymuniad da i ti a'r cor yn y dyfodol.Congratulations on your success and best wishes to you and the choir in the future with the launch of your debute album

St Davids Church Hendy

the following services will be held over the run up to Christmas Sunday 2nd December 2012 at 3pm All Age Advent Eucharist the church will bless the advent wreath and light the first advent candle as they begin the countdown towards the birth of Jesus Christ, Advent is the Church's way of building up a sense of expectations promise and hope. The service is is All-Age and children are an important part of te celebration so please if you are available please come all everybody will be made welcome.


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Wednesday, November 21st 2012

11:30 AM

Tree planting



Hendy Junior Football Club have had an ongoing issue about its fencing and we have been trying to get grants and funding to replace and inprove the fencing



This is because every year during the summer grazing period when there have been cattle in the fields next to the pitch there have been a small number of occasions where some of the cattle have got into the pitch



Eventually after two grant applications this year the second fund provided 460 young tree saplings and more than 30 youngsters from the football sqauds and the local Hendy Youth club attended a tree planting day


Below are some photos of me planting some of the trees with the Hendy Youth Club team, there were several groups of youths planting the trees in teams along the boundary fence inside the pitch

If all the trees catch in about three or four seasons there should be a young hedge being established


photo3 tree planting

photo tree planting

photo5 tree planting

The trees were supplied thanks to the woodland trust


To celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's historic 2012 Diamond Jubilee, the Woodland Trust is helping millions of people across the UK to come together to plant 6 million trees.

With Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal as Patron, the Jubilee Woods project aims to create hundreds of Jubilee Woods and 60 special Diamond Woods, transforming our landscape in a generation and providing a lasting and meaningful tribute for many years to come. This includes the Trust's exciting new flagship Diamond Wood in the heart of The National Forest in Leicestershire, a haven for wildlife and a wonderful monument to Her Majesty, open for all to enjoy.

We hope neighbours, communities, schools and families will come together to plant thousands of individual trees in their gardens, playgrounds and community spaces – each taking the chance to mark this special moment in history in a way that will stay with them forever. Schools and community groups are welcome to apply for free tree packs to help local people get involved in the celebration, or you can browse our range of Jubilee trees to find the perfect one for your garden.



When we applied Hendy School supplied a letter of support for the grant and as a result the school were also invited to attend a tree planting day, there was one special tree in the pack, this was a young oak sapling that has been grown from decendants from the original Royal Oak

The legends state that The Royal Oak is the English oak tree within which King Charles II of England hid to escape the Roundheads following the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The tree was in Boscobel Wood, which was part of the park of Boscobel House. Charles confirmed to Samuel Pepys in 1680 that while he was hiding in the tree, a Parliamentarian soldier passed directly below it. The story was popular after the Restoration, and is remembered every year in the English traditions of Royal Oak Day and every tree pack supplied had one oak sapling grown from this tree or a direct decendant from that same tree.

I understand the club were going to ask could this tree be planted over in the school grounds


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Tuesday, October 30th 2012

8:22 PM

White Springs Fishery Weekly report

Here's a weekly report which includes two new Pb's


marcus new pb 29th oct


Its not been a bad week here on the fishery despite the weather turning cold, pushing the fish down, because the fish have still been feeding.

On the pleasure lake Mark Brown fished a day session to land 9 carp all caught on sweet corn fished over pellets.

The canals have fished well this week with some reports of some good bags of mixed fish being caught.

Tony Whale fished peg 8 on the old canal and landed 19 carp.

On the Pit Ryan Jones fished the railway bank to catch 6 carp the best being a 17.9lb common, Ryan also caught a nice bag of mixed bream and roach.

The open match on Sunday was fished on the match lake, in 1st place was Chris Org with 71.4lb, 2nd was Dan Bowen 71lb, 3rd was John Charlsworth with 53lb.

The Sir Howie match was held on the old canal with 18 anglers turning up to fish, In 1st place was Adam Mitchell with 62lb, 2nd was Mikey Williams with 55lb and 3rd was Mark Goodall with 48lb, these three anglers all fish for Browning West Wales. The match fished well for everyone with the lowest bag being over 35lb.

On the specimen lake Martin Mathews from Carmarthen has finally finished his annual monthly session landing 35 carp in total of peg 2.

Gareth and Rob Mayer fished the island peg for 3 nights over the weekend to land 7 fish between them the best being a 22.3lb mirror.

Whilst Daniel Andrews and his mate Marcus Jones from Portalbot fishing peg 8a and 9 on the other side of the lake, both broke their pb's with a 25lb mirror and a 26lb mirror both catching on Monday morning after a slower 48 hour session than Gareth and Rob's, weekend session

Marcus has added photos to face book and one of their fish is attached to this report, all of their carp were caught on the white springs banana boilies.

One of the fish actually took off at 7am and by the time the rod was picked up the fish had already snagged upand the two anglers needed to take to the boat to play and release the fish and land it

NEW PB BY BOAT aother boat adventure




Also on the specimen lake fishery owner Vince who has now semi retired after coming back from a short holiday to blackpool he decided to try a bit of fishing and took another day off to fish peg 13, to land his 1st double figure carp caught on bread


White Springs web site can be viewed at  http://whitespringsfishery.co.uk

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Monday, October 29th 2012

11:07 AM

Hendy News



Hendy News


I know I posted an entry saying I wouldn't be posting much due to work commitments up the fishery


but here's this weeks local Hendy News column



Yr Hen Gapel
Hen Gapel was built in 1712 and there will be a service to celebrate the 300 years, Cynhelir Oedfa i ddathlu, tri chanmlwyddiant codi'r capel 1712-2012, Dydd Sul, Tachwedd 11eg 2012, am 4 o’r gloch,Y Pregethwr gwadd fydd, y Parch John Walters, Ficer Pontarddulais. Rhannau arweiniol yng ngofal: Parch Llywelyn, Picton Jones, Parch Alan John. Croeso Cynnes I Bawb
Road Safety
There have been concerns about volumes of traffic at school run times and Mr McEnvoy has agreed to come to Hendy at these times to observe and discuss traffic volumes speeds and parking issues near the school, this will be held over the coming weeks, Mr McEnvoy also met local residents last week on Heol Y Parc to discuss parking issues with residents on Heol Y Parc and Bryngwilli Road this was a second meeting that Mr Mcenvoy has held with local residents the last meeting was in July when highway officers came out from the Assembly to discuss road safety at the motorway junction yellow boxes have since been painted, at the first meeting Mr Mcenvoy also discussed parking issues and agreed that there would be letters of consultation sent out to the residents effected but a second meeting was called last week to further discuss residents issues and concerns.
Hendy Parks Committee
A meeting of the above committee had been called and was held last week unfortunately due to a lot of short notice apologies the committee failed to have a quorum so no decisions could be made, the four members present Steve LloydJanes, Mike Thomas, Ivor John and Alan Scouser Blackley could only receive info, they decide to recall an emergency meeting to be held this Thursday at 7pm to discuss urgent business which is necessary to secure grant funding for the park regeneration. Officers advised there was some good news and some bad news for the parks committee they advised that a further grant of £25,000 had been provisionally secured bringing the total awarded for the new proposed multi use games area to £75,000, however there was some bad news one of the grant providers following a recent site meeting wanted a different surface area which is more expensive than the quotes already obtained, which would push the costs up possibly by more than the grant that they were offering, it was decided this should be raised at the next community council meeting, as quotes would be required, there was also another small hitch at the last meeting of the parks committee there was a discussion about the committees constitutional rules and the need to open a bank account, the committee asked at the last meeting that they were given more time to study the new constitution of the committee before agreeing to sign up to it as there were very minor typing alterations, the treasurer has since been to the local bank and they stated they wanted to see this document before the bank account could be reopened. This is why a special emergency meeting has been called , there were three grants applied for since the last meeting and all were submitted with a note that the constitution was supplied pending approval and that bank details were also pending subject to the approval of the constitution, Darren Rees and Owen Jones advised that without these documents the grants could be lost, therefore the four members decide to recall this emergency meeting to be held to adopt the constitution so that the relevant paper work can be submitted to finally secure the provisional grant of £25,000 and the other two sources of funding the other issue about change of surface needed to go to the Community Council to consider, the meeting is to be held tomorrow at 7pm in Hendy Rugby Club.



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Friday, October 26th 2012

9:58 AM



Carp Talk is a wekly magazine and in this weeks edition issue no 941


24th Oct to 30th Oct


White Springs Fishery gots its name into the paper twice, when i picked the paper up I quickly browsed through it looking at the pictures and I spotted the photo of the 35lb fish and was pleased about the inclusion of this photo in the magazine, but later as we were reading the stories as well as having the photo on page 30







White Springs got a mention on page 26 under the title venue of the week






To date about six people fishing up the fishery have told us that they spotted the photo in the magazine this week.


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Wednesday, October 24th 2012

6:32 PM






















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Sunday, October 7th 2012

6:00 PM

Hendy News

Hendy and Fforest Senior Citizens Association
The Chairman welcomed all members and everyone joined together to recite the Lord's prayer in Welsh.
There was no new business and no updates on any sick reports, so the guest was invited the scheduled guest had been unable to attend, but at short notice Mrs Sian Thomas the chair of Chairman County Council kindly deputised for the guestspeaker,
she spoke about her role as chair and gave details of some of her 110 official engagements and events that she has attended since May 2012, these varied and included many informal invites to teas and coffee mornings, to more formal events like official openings or unvailing of plagues and she has visited other neighbouring county councils for similar functions,
and she spoke about her recent meeting with Prince Charles they chatted about their times studying in university as they were both studying in University during the same years.
She also told the group she has also met over sea visitors and had manage to converse with some of them in their own language.
She also spoke about the sheriff of the county and his role which is to read the riot act.
When Police and the Army are involved in policing large functions where riots and trouble might occur the riot act is read to them before any charge it has to be read in Latin and Welsh and English,
Mrs Thomas has visited many schools and local schools and praised the Hendy and Pontarddulais carnival that she attended as a VIP guest.
other duties have included visits to historic buildings, and events have even taken place on boats as well.
She shared some wonderful photos of many of these events but all too soon time dictated and her talk had to end.
The President gave a very warm vote of thanks and invited her to return very soon, an offer she agreed that she would happily accept.
The raffle was drawn the winners being Mair, Joan Jones, Joan Evans and Launa, refreshments were served and the meeting ended with the announcement that the Reverend John Walters would be the next guest speaker on October 10th
Grant refusal
The Llanedi Community Council had applied for a grant from the Assembly, which if successful would have seen improvements to some of its footpaths and rights of way in its ward, unfortunately the clerk has advised that, the councils application had been turned down as the grant fund had been oversubscribed and there was no further funding available.
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Monday, October 1st 2012

8:09 AM

White Springs Fisheries



Just a quick update, many people have been asking what am I doing with myself since loosing the county council election in May 2012 and am I missing the council work, four or five residents asked me questions along these lines during the school Fete


If I am totally honest I have not had any extra time now that I have lost my seat, this is because I am still a Community Councillor and I am the acting chair of the Hendy Parks Committee and there's been some progress made on the regeneration of the park, as blogged previously,

The commitee have been meeting monthly and there has been lots of extra work put in to obtain grants so this has kept me busy during the last few weeks.


Plus I was elected by the local Labour party as an observer of the County Council Group, so I now sit in pre meetings listening to the Labour Groups discussions etc 

and I then sit in the county council chambers listening to the full council debates, and there's going to be a heated debate in the county council chambers next week

because Plaid Cymru are proposing on moving a motion of no confidence in the leader of the council over press statements made after two planning decision for Sainsbury were called in and they are asking for his statements on the issue to be withdrawn


Kevin Madge put out a press release about the two sites that were called in and the internet and the local and welsh national press has been red hot as political bloggers and critics have been covering the whole polotical row ever since.





Llandeilo and Cross Hands supermarket plans prompt political row

Sainsbury shopper The supermarket plans at Cross Hands include redeveloping a derelict site for housing

A political row has erupted in Carmarthenshire over plans to build two new supermarkets, creating 600 jobs.

The council's ruling Labour-Independent coalition has accused the local Plaid Cymru AM and MP of trying to scupper plans at Llandeilo and Cross Hands.

Leader Kevin Madge accused them of encouraging the Welsh government to call in, or review, Sainsbury's plans.

But AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas says he and the MP, Jonathan Edwards, passed along residents' concerns to ministers.

Mr Thomas said: "This type of response is characteristic of Carmarthenshire County Council... the council doesn't want any scrutiny of its decisions.

Start Quote

"At best this will now be delayed, at worst, it may not happen"

End Quote Council statement

"To blame us is just silly... we wrote to the Welsh government because concerns were expressed by local people [about these developments]."

A statement from the council said the projects were worth £60m on investment, creating several hundred construction jobs.

It said that at Cross Hands, the investment includes redeveloping a derelict site for housing, a doctor's surgery, health centre and care home along with improvements to Maes yr Yrfa School.

'Quickly as possible'

"At best this will now be delayed, at worst, it may not happen, which will be a great disappointment to many parents," said the statement.

Mr Madge said: "These are major developments which would have helped so many people and impacted so positively on many communities.

"The investment at Cross Hands, in particular, would have supported our aim to improve Welsh medium education which is also now at risk."

The Welsh government has been asked to comment.

The council said Sainsbury's director Neil Sachdev had written to the minister urging him to process the "call in" as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Mr Thomas added that he is considering making a complaint about the content of the press release by the council.





Interestely the two plaid politicians were quoted by the BBC

" AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas says he and the MP, Jonathan Edwards, passed along residents' concerns to ministers." ....... "To blame us is just silly... we wrote to the Welsh government because concerns were expressed by local people [about these developments]."


But in their latest statements they are now denying getting involved claiming the county council had advised the Assembly to call in the planning, and after telling the BBC they had writen to the Assembly on their web site, they now try to wriggle like a worm trying to get off a hook by back tracking and state 


"comments were then exposed as a complete fabrication when the Welsh Government confirmed it had not received any representations from the Plaid politicians regarding the proposed developments at Cross Hands."


someone needs to be a little more economical with the truth and remember what they have actually told reporters?



the above quote was taken off the plaid cymru web site.



again another quote off the plaid cymru web site

“The Council Leader and his advisors should know that the decision to call-in planning applications rests squarely with the Welsh government. The Council itself passed on the applications to the Welsh government under the Shopping Directive legislation."


The Plaid Politians are deperately trying to shift the blame for their actions


well that's enough about polotics I sure there will be lots more on this topic in the coming weeks

Watch this space?


back to my original topic of what am I doing with my time




I've also taken more of an interest in my parents business White Springs Fisheries, I had been involved slighlty in this but only maybe once a week but since May my dad has semi retired taking more holidays and time off, because my sister and her partner have taken over the business as fishery managers and I have stepped up my involvement with the web design and promotion of the business.


I had started the first web site for the fishery in 2005 with the Fishery having no web presence prior to this, in 2008 having set up the web design and being elected as a county councillor I started taking a back seat as I never had much time off from the county council role,

but now in 2012 having more time I am now up the fishery three or four days a week and I have now stepped up the publicity and web design promotions again

for the last two weeks the fishery has had photos in the national angling press, after my promotion of good news stories had been promotted on the web


anglers mail1


lately in the last month I have targeted face book






So if I honest I'm just as busy now as I was prior to loosing my county council seat.







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Sunday, September 30th 2012

8:00 AM

Hendy News





Hendy Centenary Fete
The PTA had been meeting every week for the last two months to organise the schools centenary celebrations, the weather was good and the turn out was greater than expected and the whole event was a huge success, Natalie Reynolds the PTA chair and Lucy Delbridge the PTA secretary would like to thank all that helped organise the whole event and a big thank you to the whole community who came out and supported.
A4138 Hendy Yellow Box Junctions
Following several site meetings with highway officials the community council has been advised that the line painting contractors have been advised that they can now arrange for the provision of yellow box markings on the A4138 at the junction of the M48,
The markings are intended to try and ease congestion at various entry and exit points where the slip roads and side roads intersect with this busy road during peak morning and evening rush hour traffic
Hendy Parks Committee
The newly formed committee met in the rugby club and were advised on the current situation around grants, the Sports Council of Wales had been applied for and the funding managers had asked for more detail around the business plan, two fund managers had also agreed to a site visit, the site visit was to take place the following week and took place on Monday 24th September, the group met at Hendy Park.
In attendance were Two officers from the Sports Council of Wales, three officers from the grants department of the County Council, Owen Jones the clerk to the Llanedi Community Council, and three community councillors, including Cllr Byron Evans, Cllr Alan Scouser Blackley and Cllr Steve Lloyd-janes . Also in attendance was John Davies representing the Rugby Club.
The Sports Council of Wales having sighted plans and diagrams said they were pleased they had attended the site visit because they hadn't realised the size of whole park area when looking at the master plan drawings etc,
After talking through the Hendy Parks Committee Business plan and the grant application, the officers advised they would be looking at grant application next month and would advise if the application was successful or not within a six week period.
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Monday, September 24th 2012

7:06 PM

Site meeting at the Hendy park



The Hendy Park regeneration is now starting to look a bit more promising, last Wednesday there was almost a full house of committee members with fourteen members turning up to hear updates from county council officers and the clerk of the Llanedi Community Council about grant applications and further news for the multi use games area that we are hoping to install.


During the meeting the committee were advised that the Sports Council of Wales, senior area grant advisor was willing to visit Hendy on Monday of this week, to view the site the committee has applied for a grant from the organisation.

The meeting was scheduled for midday, and once again like last week I struggled to get out of bed after working night shift and only having about three hours sleep, but I made it in time, about three minutes before the officers only Owen Jones the clerk to the council was there before me.


I personally thought the meeting was rather positive and Ceri Richards was rather impressed with the size of park available to regenerate and was rather positive having seen the business plan for the regeneration which we had previously supplied, his colleague Carwyn Young had been to the site to meet myself, a couple of years ago
In attendance were two sports council of wales officers (Ceri Richards and Carwyn Young)
also three county council officers, (Allison Rees, Daren Rees and Medi Williams)
Representing the Community Council was Owen Jones, clerk to the council,
cllr Byron Evans, cllr Steve Lloydjanes(myself) and cllr Alan Scouser Blackley who was also representing the Hendy Junior Football Club
and John Davies representing the Rugby Club.
Following the site meeting one of the officers asked where was the football pitch in Hendy and we popped up to the pitch to talk about funding oportunities that might be available for the junior football club
Just a reminder there's another meeting of the parks committee scheduled Wednesday 24th oct 2012
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Saturday, September 22nd 2012

6:58 PM

The school centenary fete



The weather was good and the turn out was better than expected


The PTA had spent the last two months meeting on a weekly basis and all this planning paid off


The school fete was well manned and lots of money was raised there were lots of stalls with some old favourites like guess the number of sweets in the jar, to naming the cuddly toy, a coconut shy and splat the rat, but one of the most popular with the kids and adults alike was soak the staff locked in the stocks at 50p a go they got well and truly soaked

He was absolutely soaked when the committee left him out




Scouser didn't get away scot free he spent some time in the stocks as well





There was lots to do for the family and the whole day was enjoyed by all, one of my favourites was the Glantawe Hawking Display and I got to hold one of the Owls on my arm



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Friday, September 21st 2012

11:32 AM

Hendy News

Hendy School
The School PTA held its annual Duck Race to raise funds for the school pupils from the school went to Hendy Park where the watched the ducks race down the river gwili from the tennis court area to the bottom bridge and they counted down for rhe ducks to be released,
Hendy and Fforest Senior Citizen
Chairman Mr Evans opened the meeting and invited all members to join in the reciting the Lord's Prayer. He then reported tha Gladys was not very well but on the positive side Gwyn and Conway were improving slowly.
An invitation to attend a meeting to attend a meeting at Hope-Siloh Chapel was extended to all members, where the guest speaker will be Mr Aled Gwyn. His humorous talks will be about his locality, namely Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire.
With no other business Mr Evans introduced Eifion Davies a well known local artist and a firm favourite with members of the Hendy Branch, he once again pleased members with many of his own paintings and some prints from other famous artists, his displayed ranged from traditional style to modern art and he also brought along some examples from Miss Vera Basset who was born in the Fforest in 1912 the same year that Hendy School had first opened,
When she was young she suffered from an accident which made her bed ridden for a long period and it was during this period that she demonstrated her talents taking up painting ,
Many of Eifions painting brought back to life many buildings locally that no longer exist and could now be classed as truly historic treasures,
all the members thanked him for fetching along his display and his talk and are all looking forward to his next exhibition to be held next month. The President summed up repeating the comments praising Eifion for bringing along such an excellent collection. The Raffle was drawn the winners were Mary Walters Joan Evans and Roy Evans
Local Councillor Surgery
County Councillor Gareth Beynon Thomas holds a Surgery from 10 am to 11 am the last Saturday in the month at Yr Urdd Hall, there's no need to make an appointment, if you have urgent issues please phone 01792 882569
Terry Price Memorial Gardens
College Sir Gar students are designing the style of the memorial gardens the Fundraising Committee met last week and agreed that the next fundraising event, will be a quiz night hosted by a TV personality and a question and answer session with one or more well-known sportsmen, this will be held at Hendy RFC Clubhouse on the evening of Friday, the 23rd November 2012. It is proposed that the prize-winning memorial design will be announced and the will be prizes for the students and the college for their help which will be awarded on that night.
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Tuesday, September 18th 2012

9:10 AM




As one of the senior store reps in work, every quarter i get invited to attend a meeting with the group Store Director, recently our store had not had a full time personnel manager, two of the other managers in store had been job sharing whilst the company had looked to fill the post with a fully qualified PM.


After several weeks our new PM arrived in store and I brought it to her attention that as a result of no full time PM in store our Store Forum had not been conducted and it needed top be conducted before the end of September. I must say what really impressed me was three days into the role of the store she requested a meeting with the whole team of reps and the meeting was very positive.


When I spoke to her last week she advised she was working Monday and Tuesday of this week and then she was taking some annual leave, so we agreed to hold the meeting on Monday afternoon, even though I was nights on Sunday and Monday I agreed to get up early would normally be in bed all day till early evening.

As it happens it ended up being a benefit because last week I had printed some local Labour news letters which I started delivering on Friday, but when the local office found out I was out in the Hendy delivering some leaflets with Scouser, they asked could I pick up some leaflets for Christine Gwythers and deliver them the same time. 

As the request was 4pm on a Friday afternoon and nobody in the office was working over the weekend I agreed that I could pick them up Monday afternoon before I attended the Tesco meeting on Monday


Having only three hours sleep prior and then a meeting etc and a couple of hours in the early evening I suffered a bit from the broken sleep, but at least I can now go to the quarterly Store Directors meeting later in the month with answers and feed back,

This SD forum is the big one as far as our staff are concerned, its the start of our next years pay award, the company asks us for feed back on the pay award this year and for feed back on suggested improvements for next year, following our feed back ideas are taken by the national rep to the national discussions and the national team then enter into the negotations where they try to achieve ideas that are fed through the forum process.


anyway i'm off now to start delivering the leaflets


here's the leaflet that Christine gave us to go with our news letter advertising the Hendy school Centenary Fete (photo added 26th sept)








september police leaflet
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Sunday, September 16th 2012

3:21 PM

Hendy News

Safer Routes To Schools
At the last Llanedi Community Council Meeting, Owen Jones the clerk advised councillors, that the joint application for funding to improve road safety between Hendy School and the Community Council had been unsucessfull,
Earlier in the year all schools and councils had been advised there was a funding pot of money available from the Assembly to improve road safety in the communities,
In an earlier round of the same funding pot in 2008 a speed hump on heol y parc near the park gates and the bike racks in the school had been installed,
For the latest round the school and council had requested that a fixed road crossing point be located on Iscoed Road, unfortunately the clerk advised that the funding pot had been over subscribed.
Hendy School Centenary
Llanedi Community Council had granted the school a grant to be used for the Hendy Centenary Celebrations, some of this has been used to provide a wall murial in the school designed by the pupils,
Councillors were invited to the official unveiling of the murial, and they were also invited to the main event which will be taking place on Sat 22nd September between 11am and 5pm , where the PTA and the school will be holding a special fete to celebrate the schools one hundred years.
The PTA who have met once a week over the last three months are hoping to meet as many ex pupils throughout the day, to celebrate the schools achievment of 100 years, with an aim to raise money for the school, tickets are £2 per adult or £5 for a family ticket there will be lots of out door activities as well as stalls at the event to entertain the whole family.
Hendy Church Concert
Tickets are now available for a night of West End hits and popular choral music at Hendy church on Sunday September 23rd commencing at 6pm.
Musical star Ben Evans, returns to his home village for this very special fund raising event.
Ben made his West End debut aged nine as Gavroche in Les Misérables (Palace), playing the role again a year later and at the Royal Albert Hall at the tenth anniversary concert.
He played Oliver Twist and The Artful Dodger in Oliver! (the only person to have achieved this double feat in the London Palladium) and toured in the NT's Honk!
Ben's Television credits includes: Sam Hunt in the children's series Home Farm Twins, The Fast Show, Unseen Bean, Noel Edmonds' House Party, Casualty, Teachers, Waking the Dead and You Got Me. Ben also starred in the BBC Wales comedy series High Hopes.
Joining him will be another local singer Lowri Mair together with the Waunarlwydd choir . Compere for the evening will be BBC news presenter Garry Owen.
Tickets and more information from Nancy Walker 01792 882623.
Hendy Football Pitch
last week Hendy Football pitch was used as a venue for a match between the Llangennech under 16's team, the visitors to Hendy were the Cardiff Football Club's, Acadamey Development Squad, the youth team from Cardiff took an early lead of three goals, however after the interval Llangennech started to make a come back with two goals, but towards the end of the game the Cardiff squad retained the lead finishing the game 5 goals to 2
Queens Jubille Woodland Project
Earlier in the year the Hendy Football club applied for an Assembly grant to create a stock proof hedge and fencing scheme around the pitch, however this grant was over subscribed and the club were uncussefull,
A further funding oportunity to create a hedge was identified by Councillor Steve Llloydjanes who applied to the grant organisation for funding, and the Hendy Junior Football club have been advised that this time their application has been sucessfull.
The woodland Trust organisation decided that it would make approx 6 million young trees available to create more woodlands and hedges to celebrate the queens jubilee, as part of this scheme an application was made by the football club and they have been awarded a tree pack consisting of 420 trees suitable for a hedge, the trees will be delivered early November and the youth of the club will be busy planting them around the boundary of the pitch to help the wildlife and once established they will help create a hedge which will help the pitch become stock proof.
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Friday, September 14th 2012

3:57 PM



Got involved in the Hendy School Duck Race this week


First we taped empty pop bottles to a rope to go across the river, 

this was the finish line and it would stop any ducks washing away

then we invite the Hendy school children who had arrived to watch the race to count down for the three of us who were standing in the middle of the river to empty the bins of ducks into the river and the children run down the river bank following the ducks

not sure who won as we were busy collecting the ducks that got stuck on snags and had drifted into the banks









EDITED ON THE 19TH SEPT: I found out Natalie Reynolds won the duck race

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Monday, September 10th 2012

8:29 AM

Hendy News



here's next weeks Hendy News Column



Hendy and Fforest Senior Citizens
The Chairman welcomed all members to their first meeting after a summer recess and invited everyone to join him in reciting the Lord's Prayer.
Appologies were recieved from Elsie and Afanwy, it was reported Afanwy had fallen but was making a slow recovery.
Members were updated on the December 19th meeting were there would be a guest artist and also on the Christmas dinner to be held in the mountain gate.
The guest for the afternoon Coiln Rees was introduced and he sung some wonderfull songs made famous by artists like Dean Martin and Tom Jones, Mat Monroe and the Drifters, inbetween each song he gave some interesting facts about the artist and or the song writers.
The president had missed Colins previous visit but gave a very warm vote of thanks indicating he was very happy not to have missed todays performance and hoped he would visit again soon.
The raffle was drawn and won by Mary refreshments were served and before the meeting closed the members were reminded the next meeting would be September 12th
School Centenary
The PTA have met every week for the last three months to plan this huge event, at last weeks Llanedi Community Council the current chair updated councillors on the event, there was a letter read out thanking the council for their donation, this had been used to produce a wall murial in the school
Councillors were invited to attend the official unvieling of the wall, they were also invited to the main event which will be takng place on Sat 22nd September, where the PTA and the school will be holding a special fete to celebrate the schools one hundred years.
The PTA are hoping to meet as many ex pupils throughout the day to raise money for the school tickets are £2 per adult or £5 for a family ticket there will be lots of out door activities as well as stalls at the event to entertain the whole family.
Hendy Youth Club
At last weeks Llanedi Community Council the two county council youth workers attended the meeting and gave their annual yearly report on the clubs activities, this was the fifth annual visit, the club first started in 2007 when the youth service deployed a mobile youth bus in the village
Following the sucess of the outreach service the community council decided to support by funding the salary of one of the workers to allow a full time youth club to be set up in the Urdd Hall, youngsters have to sign a register when attending and throughout last year there were 101 individual youngsters who had used the service at least once,
The youngsters had designed a project which would include a communkity garden and seating area and this dsign had been used in the councils consultation exercise and the youth workers discussed the progres made on looking for grants to develop this project,
The officers stated, there was some more work required on the business plan for the project before the scheme can apply for funding and they asked the councils clerk and surveyor to assist them in developing the plan,
They also asked that the funding of the second youth worker be maintained for the sixth year, both requests were agreed in principle and the youth workers would meet with the councils officers to discuss both requests in more details and the officers would report back to the council next month
Tickets are now available for a night of West End hits and popular choral music at Hendy church on Sunday September 23rd comencing at 6pm. Musical star Ben Evans, returns to his home village for this very special fund raising event. Ben made his West End debut aged nine as Gavroche in Les Misérables (Palace), playing the role again a year later and at the Royal Albert Hall at the tenth anniversary concert. He played Oliver Twist and The Artful Dodger in Oliver! (the only person to have achieved this double feat in the London Palladium) and toured in the NT's Honk! Ben's Television credits includes: Sam Hunt in the children's series Home Farm Twins, The Fast Show, Unseen Bean, Noel Edmonds' House Party, Casualty, Teachers, Waking the Dead and You Got Me. Ben also starred in the BBC Wales comedy series High Hopes. Joining him will be another local singer Lowri Mair together with the Waunarlwydd choir . Compere for the evening will be BBC news presenter Garry Owen. Tickets and more information from Nancy Walker 01792 882623. Don't miss it!
Hendy Carnival Committee
The committee met last week there was a discussion about the planning of the next big event which is the xmas lights parade, it was decided to invite the three local schools to design the poster for the event, the winning poster design would win a prize for the school, all the other usual planning of the event were also discussed and organised and updates would be reported on at the next meeting
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